Morning routine

Morning routine

Many spiritual teachers, life coaches and motivational speakers talk about the importance of starting the day early and have an uplifting morning routine that sets the mood on the right track for the day. There are however many people that are highly successful that still don’t wake up early or do anything in particular to start the day. Others may even have an evening routine, where they create space to have a moment to themselves where they might do something they love or whatever they find uplifting, whether it is watching inspirational videos on youtube, meditate, read the paper or even just watch their favorite TV show. It sure doesn’t suit everyone to wake up early and have a specific routine.

Having said that, I have found a personal morning routine that suits me quiet well that I want to share. My daily routine takes about an hour, although the time is not set in stone. Sometimes I take longer time, and some days I make it shorter. I typically wake up about 6:45 and the following tasks are a part of my morning routine:

  1. Yoga and physical exercise (5-50 minutes): This is the newest addition to my daily routine. It is quiet common for new habits to taking some time to integrate, I had thought about doing yoga in the morning for over a year before I actually started to do it on a daily basis. So I do yoga for about 5-10 minutes, sometimes longer if I have the time. I don´t really consider whether I’m doing the poses the right way or not, since I believe there’s no right or wrong things when doing intuitional yoga, moving in a way that I feel the body needs to be moving. That way I’m somehow able to “settle” into my body after my nightsleep. I almost always feel great after doing my yoga routine, and I feel it’s the best preparation for the next step in my morning routine, which is meditation.
  2. Meditation (7-75 minutes): I’ve meditated on a daily basis since 2012. During my first year I did a half an hour meditation, both in the morning and in the evening. By being consistent with my meditation I feel like I’ve gained great insights. If you want to evolve yourself mentally and spiritually I always recommend meditation because I think it is the most essential and really a cornerstone for all mental development work. What I find most impressive gains from meditating is that it basically saves me a lot of time. Although it takes time to meditate it saves me time because I become clearer and more focused in my own life, I do more of the things that really matter to me, I organize myself far better and I am more productive. Also, by being more peaceful, it saves me a lot of energy than if I didn’t meditate because then I would become more stressed and anxious which is obviously a lot more exhausting. Often times than not I am also able to face things during my meditation that would otherwise have caused me some trouble during the day.
  3. Prayer (2-15 minutes): I find it beneficial for me to pray every day to a higher power. Call it what you like, God, Source, the Universe, the Abyss, the Absolute.. Doesn’t really matter, the only thing I think matters is accepting and inviting an energy that vibrates on a high level into your space. You will feel the difference. There are many ways to tap into this energy, starting with gratitude is one of the easiest one. So you might start your prayer by stating things you can feel grateful for. And from that space, you could start asking for and imagining things you would like to happen in you own life. This is also called manifesting. I don’t know what it is, it just feels so good to be able to speak my prayer out loud, and trust that the universe will do it’s magic to manifest it if it is for the highest good. This helps me to trust in life, the universe, and therefore myself.

After my morning routine I might enjoy a cup of 100% raw cacao, and then I prepare a breakfast which is usually a simple porridge.

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