Everything is energy. According to physics, energy can only change form but never be deleted. This is important to me, because this statement embraces the fact that I can influence my own life by how and where I direct my energy. I can create positive and uplifting energy and environment if I choose, and in the same way I am able to alter the energy in a negative and destructive way.

I feel however that it is essential to feel whatever energy is going on inside me without judging it. Sometimes it feels light and uplifting, other times it can feel down and draining. If it is draining, I find it useful to try and lift my spirit and convert it into a more uplifting one. Whatever is going on within me is just how it is, but it’s up to me if I decide to change my energy and experience before I send it out or create something negative with it.

I can as an example be annoyed by a slow cashier and allowed myself to be rude to that person when it’s finally my turn. Or, I could allow myself to feel my anger and resentment and maybe notice that this person looks like having been at work for the past 12 hours, and I could decide to give that person a dash of love and gratitude by being friendly, thank him or her for his service and even smile a bit!

I am not saying that we should tolerate intolerable service, attitude, or behavior. We could decide not to shop our groceries at this place in the future. We could even step forward and make a complaint, but we do not need to make things worse by letting our anger out on other people.

We have a choice and our life is in our hands. Good hands.

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