Connecting with the heart

Connecting with the heart

One of the things on my journey that I’m still working on is being in my heart. I know very well how to be in my mind (lol), as many of us can probably resemble with. The reason why I want to be more in my heart is because I want to eliminate fear and doubt which are often in control when I’m listening to much to my mind. I would rather be joyful, radiate love and enjoy everything beautiful and good and I have come to find it easier when my being is emanating from the heart. It often takes great guts to act from the heart, as modern society does not always accept what the heart wants. Being in the heart also insists me to be fearless of looking at and experiencing difficult emotions from past traumas that are often kept in the heart chakra. An example of this could be loss of some kind, fear of rejection or even mistakes we might have done in the past.

However, when I’m feeling stressed and it’s like I’m stuck in my head generating negative thoughts I have found the following exercises helpful:


To ground myself means simply to do what I like to do, to find my joy, let the inner child out and play, have fun and joke around. Do whatever I find fun in at that moment, for example excel in my hobbies, walk barefoot, go to the sea, enjoy nature etc. etc..

Meditation and prayer:

Meditation brings me closer to my core, I can see who I really am and I gain important information about myself, what it is that I want and need, which brings me closer to my heart. Sincere and uplifting prayer can also do a miracle, and for those of you who struggle to pray to God, just imagine you’re praying to an energy that you have no control over, be it source energy, or your subconscious mind.

Uplifting environment:

It is important to dwell in a positive environment as much as possible and avoid all negativity that drains you. Not that you avoid facing your challenges and problems without taking responsibility for your life, but rather that you take out of your life all unnessessary negative energy. Am I for example taking part in negative talk and gossiping around others? Do I need to watch the news about terrible events taking place far away, in places where It could anyway be too difficult or even impossible for me to help or generate change? All this can take part in harnessing love and compassions in your own life and lead you back to the heart.

Focus on the physical body:

Often times when I feel worried or nervous it is a clear sign that I have gotten out of the heart and forgot myself in negative thoughts. Then I have found useful to set my focus on the body, and by doing so it’s like my awareness settles back into the heart. Here are a few examples to get back to the body: imagining and feeling your blood stream through the body, focus on my palms and feel the liveliness and awareness in them, looking out the window for a few minutes, or even putting my focus on a plant that I can find close by.

Love and compassion:

To think in a loving way is a very good way back to the heart, as love and compassion obviously originates in the heart. Therefore I find it useful to think about something that I love dearly, for example my son or other family members, a memory that gives me great joy, or think about all the things I can be grateful for. When I feel love and compassion it feels easy to generate wherever I want, even to help myself or others, or even towards some conditioning or difficult events from my past that have been limiting myself.

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